• Imaging Phantoms - Full Head & Brain

    Compatible with Ultrasound, MRI and CT scan

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  • Sophisticated Phantoms - Heart, Kidneys and Lungs

    Realistic & Highly Customizable

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  • Skulls and other Hard tissues

    From Baby to Adult | Available in all sizes

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  • Planning Treatments ?

    We are pioneers in designing and fabricating all biological tissues

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  • Training Simulators

    Order a simulator to teach/perform medical practices

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Welcome to True Phantom Solutions Inc. 

“True Phantom Solutions designs and creates biomedical phantoms. These phantoms are critically important for the development of innovative diagnostic imaging techniques, neurosurgery treatment planning, and training of nursing and medical students.

True Phantom is your solution for the ultrasound and MRI-compatible phantoms. Research and development of medical ultrasound and MRI devices, require phantoms be made to mimic real tissue and bone. All of our phantoms are made out of special materials to match the respective physical characteristics of the human tissue they have to mimic.”

“The phantoms can be designed to mimic the acoustical, physical, and mechanical properties of real biological tissues. Through the use of novel 3D printing technology, the phantoms can be made to resemble real anatomical structures as closely as never before.

Based on the user’s/researcher’s requirements, the phantoms’ properties can be modified to suit any biomedical project. Our phantoms can provide an important hands-on experience to medical, nursing, and phlebotomy students before starting practice on real patients.”