Newborn heart Phantom with umbilical cord

Newborn Human heart model


Training simulators are realistic artificial human body parts/organs that are majorly used by hospitals, researchers and medical schools for research & development as well as to train medical students with various medical practices. Our heart model is compatible with endoscopic, ultrasound and various medical imaging technologies.

The picture represents the phantom/model without water tank. A water tank is to help researchers in obtaining enhanced view of the internal structure of the heart. The chambers and vessels are anatomically correct. Based on the requirement, the phantom can be customized in many aspects.

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PROPERTIES OF THE TISSUES: Sound Velocity[m/s] Density [g/cm³] Attenuation measuredat 2.25 MHz [dB/cm] Speckles Yes / No  Customization
Heart Tissue 1400 ± 10 1.02 1.7 ± 0.2 Yes  Yes
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