About Us

Our Advantage

  • True Phantom Solutions offers novel technology to fabricate unique materials with realistic physical and mechanical properties similar to the properties of real human tissue and bones. The unique proprietary composition of our material allows for imitating healthy and unhealthy human bones with the adjustable features to suit your research or teaching needs.

  • Our highly realistic anthropomorphic phantoms are powerful tools for the testing and calibration of new medical devices, training students, and treatment planning and targeting before applying the new non-invasive surgical HIFU procedures. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers high-quality products as well as advice and support so that our customers are fully satisfied with the products they receive.

True Phantom Solutions

Problem and Solution

  • There is a need for highly realistic synthetic tissues which can be used in biomedical experiments and as a teaching tool, instead of using actual human body or living tissues. True Phantom Solutions provides the medical sector with professional ultrasound phantoms with MRI and CT compatibility for various biomedical experiments (i.e. treatment planning, testing and calibration of medical devices and skill practice training).

  • Neurosurgeons that enable HIFU procedure for the transcranial brain treatment require realistic artificial skulls to plan and prepare the entire procedure. True Phantom Solution translates clinical data of a patient’s head CT/MRI scan to a physical object that is an exact copy of patient’s head, including its physical and mechanical characteristics. The neurosurgical procedure can be prepared and tested on the phantom before applying it to the actual patient.

Our Team


Adrian Wydra

Adrian Wydra

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Wydra holds M.Sc in Biomedical engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland and an M.Sc in Physics from the University of Windsor. Adrian, Chief Technology Officer, has been instrumental in the development of the phantoms.

Dr. Roman Maev

Dr. Roman Maev is founder and president of "True Phantom Solutions Inc.". He is a renowned scientist and professor of Physics. He is also giving his valuable services as a professor at University of Windsor.

Mr. Joe Udzbinac

Mr. Joe Udzbinac

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Udzbinac, Chief Financial Officer, brings his invaluable experience as a CFO of Tessonics Inc. to TPS. Tessonics is well known as a provider of leading-edge products, services, and technologies for industrial and biomedical applications.

Mr. Mustafa Ali Misri

Mr. Mustafa Ali Misri

Business Developer & Application Engineer

Mustafa Ali Misri is another valuable asset of True Phantom Solutions Inc. He is working with us as "Business Developer" and an "Application Engineer". Mustafa has done masters in Applied Computing from University of Windsor. He carries significant experience of business development from India and carries great IT skills.

Mr. Tyler Farrell

Mr. Tyler Farrell

Production Specialist

Tyler Farrell has a BSc in physics from the University of Windsor, he is proficient in numerous CAD programs and have been working with TPS for almost 4 years now.